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Mobile Sprayer Tanker

Modern technologies for the production of agricultural products provide for the active use of self-propelled and trailed sprayers.
There are up to six agricultural operations using a sprayer per 1 hectare of land.

A significant part of the performance of the sprayer is determined by the speed of its refueling. Some models of this machinery are not equipped with pumps for simultaneous filling and mixing of the spray.

To get a quality solution, you have to stir the spray material for up to 5 minutes inside the sprayer tank, which leads to downtime and disruption of the timing of leaf treatment

Mobile Sprayer Tanker

Nitrogen has developed a trailed mobile sprayer tanker Raptor PIT STOP that allows to:
Prepare a fresh spray material of up to 3 m3 while the sprayer is running
Improve the logistics of delivering the water base for the spray material, the volume of the tanker section under water is 12 m3
Increase the filling speed of the sprayer with a high-capacity pump
Reduce the number of personnel for the preparation of the spray material to one person

Technical characteristics of Raptor PIT STOP:

Maximum towing speed - 35 km/h
Dimensions - 8.5x2.3x3 m
Motor pump capacity - 1500 l / min
Total displacement - 16,000 l
Number of sections - 3 pcs
(3000/1000/12000 l)
The volume of the PPA premixer is 35 liters
Type of brake system - pneumatic
Connection to the sprayer -
2 inches / 2.5 inches / 3 inches

Mobile filler options

Система хранения 80 м³ и растворный узел «Raptor 2AP»
It can be transported by any vehicle with a tow hitch for cargo trailers
Система хранения 80 м³ и растворный узел «Raptor 2AP»
Equipped with roller shutters
The tanker has universal fasteners for the container ship
It is possible to supply the tanker both jointly and separately from container ship

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