Mixing units for the production of liquid fertilizers: turnkey installation at your facility

Mixing units of UAN and LCD, PPA dispensing
Transportation and storage of fertilizers
Water treatment
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Learn how to increase
yields by 45%
Comparison of technologies
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Schemes of operation and characteristics of the equipment
Learn how to increase yields by 45%
Comparison of technologies
Calculation in numbers
Schemes of operation and characteristics of the equipment

Nitrogen Products

Mixing units for UAN and LCF

Designed for the preparation of concentrated solutions of ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonium sulfate, liquid complex fertilizers.
Растворные узлы

PPA automatic dispensing units

Designed for mixing and accurate dispensing of agrochemicals in automatic mode according to the pre-designed recipe.
Автоматические узлы дозации СЗР

Liquid fertilizer storage

Designed for short-term or long-term storage of liquid fertilizers.

Raptor Aqua water treatment module

Designed to automatically bring water parameters to optimal values.

Transportation tray

Designed for transportation of liquid fertilizers, plant protection products, drinking and industrial water, diesel fuel and other liquid cargos.
Транспортные кассеты

Mobile refueller

Designed to prepare the solution during operation and accelerate the filling of the sprayer.
Транспортные кассеты

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What are the mixing units needed for?

Dissolution of urea
Dissolution of ammonium nitrate
Dissolution of ammonium sulfate
Preparation of Urea ammonium nitrate (UAN)
Preparation of liquid complex fertilizers (LCF)
Preparation of spray materials for foliar treatment of plants

Why is it better to entrust the installation to the company's specialists?

The company gives a comprehensive warranty on the equipment
We produce a complete set of all materials
Our specialists have extensive experience in installation
You will not make mistakes and save your time
Почему лучше доверить монтаж специалистам компании?

About Nitrogen company

Nitrogen produces mixing units for the preparation of liquid complex fertilizers, including UAN (urea ammonium nitrate) and automatic dispensing units.

Our competence includes the design, assembly and installation of storage and unloading systems for the finished product (liquid fertilizers).

Since 2019, the company has successfully commissioned more than 160 pieces of equipment throughout Russia, as well as in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Examples of our work

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How much will a mixing unit cost?

Answer 4 questions and get the cost of a mixing unit with installation at your facility
Сколько будет стоить растворный узел?

Stages of work

We are often asked: "How fast do you fulfill orders? What do you need to conclude a contract? Do you have a guarantee?"

The manager of the NITROGEN company will tell you about how the transaction takes place, the production of your order and the installation of the finished mixing unit on your site. All information about deadlines and figures, starting with your first contact with the company.

Contacting the company
The company's specialists collect basic information, determine your task and select the ways to solve it.
Preparation of technical specifications
We discuss and agree with you on all the technical characteristics of the future installation, and calculate the budget.
Conclusion of the contract
After drawing up and concluding a contract with our company, you should make an advance payment, and the rest of the amount after the installation is completed.
Design & Production
The order is transferred to the production unit, and our managers give you advice on preparing the site for the installation of the installation.
Delivery, assembly and installation
We deliver the mixing unit to your facility, after which we agree with you on the installation date and proceed with the installation.
Service and warranty service
After the installation is completed, our company provides you with 12 months of free warranty service.
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